Halifax How To Organize A Green Festival

A "Green" festival or event is organized to minimize its negative impact of the environment. These incorporate reduction of waste, water & energy, using local suppliers and locally-sourced products, providing education about environmental impacts, and offering fair trade or organic food for guests.

Here are some specific suggestions:

  1. Collecting name badge holders for re-use at an event of 1300 attendees can save approximately $975 for the event organizer (Source: www.conventionindustry.org).
  2. Use biodegradable cups & plates instead of styrofoam or plastic. This can reduce landfill by nearly one tonne for a 200 person event.
  3. Announce accessible & free City water to refill reusable water-bottles instead of selling single-use plastic water bottles
  4. Encourage bring-your-own picnic ware & cutlery, and re-usable shopping bags

Pre-Planning Checklist


Location and Modes of Transport

Sourcing of Materials

Accommodation and Venue

Green Event Organization Checklist


Transportation can have the highest carbon footprint for an event, especially when particapnts come from out of town.

A recent Vancouver festival arranged to book the city's tennis courts to be used as valet bicycle parking to alleviate the need for auto and transit in an already dense urban residential area. Another festival provided a Park & Ride program for staff & volutnteers.


The accommodation sector is rapidly greening their facilities, and event organizers should assess the venue’s environmental practices prior to booking.

Food, Beverage and Catering Services

The venue’s catering manager shoul discuss ways that their food services can effectively support a green event.

An Ottawa festival innovated with compostable beer cups, and used 300,000 cups in a ten day event, which were separated & composted instead of adding to landfill.


Venue Equipment and Furniture

Reduce your environmental footprint in event organizer's head office and at event facility headquarters

Exhibits, Presentations and Event Materials

Energy and Water

Waste Reuse, Recycle and Reduction

Staff & Volunteers

Please let us know about any other suggestions for running a Green Festival, using the Feedback Form at the top of this page. We would be pleased to mention your success stories and include your festival photos.

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