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Here is a quick summary of how to get involved with sports by yourself or with a group. Find out how to join a team or league, and make new friends!

Put on runners and shorts and head to one of the many aerobics clubs and gyms, including the "Y" locations or one of the Leisure Centres.
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This summer, you can watch or play in a baseball game, in one of several leagues. Call your community centre or Halifax Parks and Recreation Department. There are also several leagues you can join: Bedford Minor Baseball: Ken Lenihan 835-9531, Prospect Minor Baseball (T-ball to Bantam) 430-3600, Sackville Minor Baseball 865-7622 Timberlea Minor Softball 876-7716, or Baseball Nova Scotia 425-5454 x313 The city also has several excellent baseball facilities: Kiwanis Baseball Field (a Class B ball field) at (902) 368-1025, Memorial Baseball Field (a Class A ball field) at (902) 368-1025.
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Basketball is a year-round sport.You can also join a community league through Halifax Community Recreation Services at (902) 490-6666, or Bedford & Dist Minor Basketball: Debbie Erikson 835-3537, Cole Harbour Minor Basketball 462-0065, Sackville Minor Basketball Association 865-7622, Prospect Road Basketball Association 852-2640, or Basketball Nova Scotia at 902-425-5450 extension 348.
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Ride on the region's many bike paths. There is a 14 km hilly route around metro Halifax. If you want more adventure, try Bedford Basin-Waverley - 48 km along routes 2, 318 and 7 from the Halifax Ferry Terminal to finish at Dartmouth Ferry Terminal, or the Eastern Passage-Cow Bay 34 km loop along route 322, Bissett Road and Route 207, starting and finishing at Dartmouth Ferry Terminal to Rainbow Haven Provincial Beach.
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Bowling with family or friends is fun at the dozen bowling lanes around town. Enquire to join league play!
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Halifax's indoor curling arenas offer this Olympic sport year-round. There a number of rinks in the city. C F B Halifax Curling Club at (902) 455-1444, Halifax Curling Club at (902) 423-7857, or Mayflower Curling Club at (902) 454-0085.
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There are a number of world class diving facilities in the Halifax area. Contaact either Halifax Parks & Recreation at 490-4685 or the Cygnus Diving Club in Dartmouth, 902-461-1293.
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Take a "stab" at the Olympic sport of swordsmanship! Call the Enguardians Fencing Club (902) 457-1309, Dalhousie Fencing Club 494-3372, and the Sackville Fencing Club (902) 445-9945..

There are lots of good rivers and lakes to go fishing around Halifax. Of course, there is very good fishing in the ocean waters that surround the province.
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Football leagues are hopping late summer into the fall. Bedford Minor Football at 865-8745 or Halifax Parks & Rec department at (902) 490-4685.
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Grab your clubs and head to the 70-odd public or semi-public golf courses around the province. (List and maps of golf courses. Take a class or enquire about one-on-one instruction from the golf pro.
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Gymnastics has a high media profile at the Olympics, and has the youngest entry (and retirement) ages. Contact Halifax Sports and Recreation (490-4685) runs gymnastics classes as well as summer youth day camps. Call Gymnastics Nova Scotia (902/425-5450, ext. 338), Sackville Taiso Gymnastics (865-8798), Illusions Rhythmic Gymnastics Club (902/ 443-9153).
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Hiking takes you into the world of nature. This city offers near-nature jaunts close to Halifax and there are a number of natural areas close-by as well.
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Skates and a hockey stick is all you need to play hockey. Check with city rinks listing or call Halifax Parks and Recreation at (902)490-4685. For leagues, contact: Bedford Gentlemen's Hockey: Gerry Arnold 835-5255, Bedford Minor Hockey: Tawny Wallace 835-3397, Sackville Minor Hockey 865-0759, JrB Hockey Club 864-1790, JrGentlemen's Hockey Club 865-4813, Gentlemen's Hockey Club 864-4985, Old Timers Hockey Club 864-5277, Twilight Hockey Club 865-0879, or Hockey Nova Scotia (902/ 454-9400).
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Horseback Riding
Nova Scotia is horse country. you can rent a horse or learn to ride at several ranches and stables around Halifax .You can watch horse racing at: Inverness Raceway at Inverness, NS (902/258-3315), Tartan Downs in Sydney, NS (902/ 564-8465), and Truro Raceway in Truro, NS (902/ 893-8075)

Ice skating
Halifax offers ice skating year-round, plus winter-time outdoor rinks (city rinks listing). In the summer-time, cool of at the city's indoor rinks. The Bedford Skating Club (Bedford: 835-3366), Dalhoise / King's Figure Skating Club (Halifax, 865-1934), Dartmouth Skating Club (Dartmouth, 435-3497) The Halifax Skating Club--The oldest skating club in Canada, founded 1862-- (Halifax, 457-1863) , or the Nova Scotia Figure Skating Association (Halifax, 425 5450 Ext 336).
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Martial Arts
Learn to defend yourself at over 20 studios, where they train in both the mental and physical skills in the martial arts. Check out Judo Nova Scotia (902/ 443-7581), Fall River Karate Club 461-0808, or the Atlantic Karate Club 477 4639.
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Halifax has a few places to putt around a mini-golf course.

This a popular sport in Nova Scotia. Contact Halifax-Chebucto Ringette Association (phone number not provided), Sackville Ringette Association (phone number not provided), or your local parks & recreation department.
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Rock Climbing
Rock climbing is so popular that several indoor climbing walls have opened up in the city. In Halifax, there are several indoor climbing and bouldering facilities: Ground Zero Climbing Gym (Dartmouth, 902/ 468-8788), Beyond Gravity (Halifax, 902-446-4100), or Dalplex Climbing Wall (Dalhousie Univ. Campus, Halifax, 902/ 494-2049). You can also contact Climb Nova Scotia for details on outdoor climbing (902) 425-5450.
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You can go inline blading on any of the city's bike paths. The flattest stretches are around Sullivan's Pond in Dartmouth.
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Rugby is about as rough and tough as football. Its probably as much fun to watch as play! Check out the teams and leagues in Halifax: Halifax Rugby Football Club (34 Collins Grove, Dartmouth, 902/425.HRFC)
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Running, Track & Field
Run along any of this area's hundreds of miles of bike paths. Scenic runs are around Wascana lake, and along Wascana Creek. There are a number organized races, ranging from 1 mile to a triathlon, and several track & field meets each summer. For local competitive clubs, scheck out Athletics Nova Scotia (902) 368-4110, Triathlon Nova Scotia (902) 455-8157, Chebucto Athletics (Sackville) 902-865-6878, Halifax Wanderers 902-443-5051, Swift Athletics (Dalhousie U) 902-494-2163, or Dartmouth Athletics 902-435-0300.
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Halifax has several leagues for the world's most popular sport: Contact the Halifax Parks and Recreation department at 902-490-4685. You can also contact: Riverlake Soccer Assoc 860-2424, Bedford Soccer Association: Phil Jost 449-6939, Cole Harbour Soccer Club 433-1144, Dartmouth United Soccer Club 433-DUSC(3872), Forest Hills United Soccer Club 462-7754, Scotia Olympic Soccer Club 835-6643, Halifax County United Soccer 876-8784, Halifax County United Soccer Club 876-8784, or you can contact Soccer Nova Scotia at (902) 445-0265.
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Skiing, Cross-Country
Close to Halifax are several cross-country ski venues. When there's snow on the ground, try any of the larger city parks. Contact the Nova Scotia Ski Association at (306) 780-9236.
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Skiing, Downhill
Contact the Nova Scotia Ski Association at (306) 780-9236 and Alpine Nova Scotia at 306-781-2517. There are several ski hills close to Halifax .
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Halifax has year-round volleyball action, though mostly indoors in the winter. You can play either indoors or on the beach. Contact Nova Scotia Volleyball at (902) 569-0583 or Cavendish Beach Volley in Halifax (902-368-4110).
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