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Volleyball is a sport for kids and adults of varying skill levels. About 2.5 million people pay volleyball recreationally or competitively in Canada.

Volleyball is played by two teams of six, on a "court" with a high net in the middle. The goal is to hit a ball over the net, so your opponents cannot hit it back, to earn a point. Fifteen points wins a game, and matches are typically best-of-three or best-of-five. The game is played using three key skills: "Bump", "Set" and "Spike".

Beach Volleyball is played with between two and six players per side on a sand court. Fewer the players requires a higher skill level and greater teamwork. 10 million people playing in competitive beach volleyball leagues each summer.

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There is not much equipment required for volleyball: your basic athletic shorts, shirt, and a non-marking court shoe with good support and spring.

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For the spectator, Halifax offers a wide variety of competitive action. Both men and women play at Dartmouth and St Mary's University teams play at the varsity level in the Canadian Inter-university Athletic Union, a league of university teams from across Canada.

Games are also played in the summer evenings at various parks, and you can usually find a drop-in position if you just show up.

For more info contact Nova Scotia Volleyball at (902) 569-0583 or Cavendish Beach Volley in Halifax (902-368-4110)

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