Halifax Peninsula - Halifax neighbourhoods

People refer to "Halifax" are often referring to the former City of Halifax, not the larger recently created municipal entity. The Peninsula is the part that is east of the Northwest Arm. The real advantages to living in Halifax. Is convenience, with commuting to the downtown core taking only minutes. You will, however, get a smaller and older home here for the same price compared to Bedford, Dartmouth, Hammonds Plains, or Sackville.

The peninsula of Halifax has its South End, close to Dalhousie University and to Point Pleasant Park. The North End, everything north of North Street is close to CFB Halifax Windsor Park and the Fairview Cove Container Terminal, and is home to the city's most diverse communities. The West End is clustered around the Halifax Shopping Centre. the Downtown lies between South Park Street and the weterfront, nestled around the central business district, a cluster of trendy bras and restaurnts, and the Halifax Commmon park. St Mary's University Sign


Schools are less overcrowded than outside of Halifax. The Peninsula is home to two universities and four colleges, a number of elementary and high schools, as well as a collection of public libraries.


Halifax has great shopping, downtown at Metro Centre & the Historic Properties, to the south along Spring Garden Rd, and with several malls to the west of Connaught Ave. Pond in the Halifax Public Gardens


Halifax has tons of recreational opportunities, with lots of large parks, and number of yacht clubs along the Northwest Arm, and a number of recreational facilities both indoor and out.


Halifax-Peninsula is described in several different areas in terms of real estate. There is the South End, West End, North End, and downtown. Each area offers something different.

South Street Homes

South End Halifax is the area closest to the Universities, hospitals and downtown. This is the area south of Quinpool Road, a major street in Halifax. This area is very much sought after and as a result prices are higher here than anywhere else in Halifax generally over $200,000 with an average of $350,000.This area you will find gorgeous older character homes, 40 years-plus. A number of houses are being converted to two and three unit rental properties, taking advantage of the Universities close by. The market has been extremely strong in this area, and it is not uncommon to see houses selling in excess of listing prices.

The West End is the area north of Quinpool Road, popular for its proximity to downtown. The style of house here is also of an older vintage 40 years plus, with several different styles being available. Recdentlyseveral new high-rise developments have sprung up along Young Street. welcomes several new high-rise developmentsPrices are lower in this area than the South End and more medium sized houses are available here.

The North End of Halifax is less popular has therefore has lower prices. This area has a mixture of good and not-so-good areas, and you should ask your realtor where you should stay away from. The area north of Young St. includes the historical Hydrostone district as well as many fine homes further north that as any found in the west end. Homes are in the $150,000 to $200,000+ range

The Downtown is a strong area for hihger priced apartments and condos located close to the business district.

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