Halifax Ride-Sharing And Carpooling<

You can reduce your community "energy footprint" by riding a bike, walking, or carpooling. Making this switch reduces pollution, reduces globalwarming, and reduces depletion of non-renewable natural resources.

Even if you only replace a few trips a week by biking, walking or carpooling, you're making a difference and saving money on gas at the same time. Don't forget to walk your kid to school, bike to the corner store, carpool or commute by bike to work.

You can also convert from a gas-guzzling SUV, van, or pickup truck to a fuel-efficient or smaller vehicle for the commute. Many individuals have their high-capacity vehicle for weekend family fun or work at the cottage or farm, but use a small "city car" for their single-occupant commuting.

Many companies have car pools and van pools for workers in the same building coming from the same neighbourhood. The benefits are not only energy savings, reduced space needed for parking spots, but increased staff cohesion and interaction (often with surprising and unanticipated benefits when they are from different departments!)

There are a number of Canadian Ride Sharing web sites

A recent Ontario court decision* (applicable so far only to that province**) held that these sites could not compete with licensed transit & taxi companies, but could only be used for ride sharing within a company. The only way you can ride with someone is if you meet ALL of the following extremely impractical set of specific criteria:

* The complaint to the Ontario Highway Transportation Board was filed by Trentway-Wagar Inc., which owns the bus line Coach Canada. In British Columbia, B.C. government ruled that if a website was not charging a fee or commission, then it was not offering a transportation service or business and cannot be prosecuted under its Highway Traffic Act. Ontario, meanwhile, is trying to rewrite the definition of a carpool.

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