Halifax Cross-Country Ski Trails

The Halifax region & Nova Scotia has a number of great cross country trails/.

Beaver Mountain Provincial Park
Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Big Dam Road, Kejimkujik National Park
6.4 kms return, with some bigger hills and turns, with a Touring Track The Warden Service packs the intermediate trail, twice a week with asnowmobile.

Canning Field Road, at Keji Park
Across the road from Jakes Landing (Canoe Concessions)
Trails are groomed based on public demand

Martock Cross Country Ski Park
Windsor, N.S.
Trails are groomed and tracked, with 100% snowmaking and daily grooming for the 14 trails.

North Highland Nordic Ski Area
Cabot Trail, Cape North
One main trail with three satellite loops leading off main trail, totalling 14-16 kilometers when completely groomed. On hill accommodations in Chalet style cabins.

Nova Nordic Ski Club
This new cross-country ski and biathlon club based in Shubie Park in Dartmouth, and will groom The Lake Charles Trail and perhaps elsewhere for both classic and skate skiing. The Fairbanks Centre (next to the historic lock) will be available as a warm-up and lunch shelter for some club activities. Membership is $40 per person or $60 fora family.
Peskowesk Trail to Lower Mersey River, Kejimkujik National Park
16 kms return, with a seasonal warm-up shelter 8 kms in, at Lower Mersey River. The Warden Service packs the intermediate trail, twice a week with a snowmobile. There is a distance marker every kilometre for the first 8 kms; then a marker for every 2km from the 10th to the 16th km, with additional markers at 20 km, 25km, and 27km.

Ski Ben Eoin
On Rte 4, 20 kms West on Sydney
(902) 828-2804
Cross-country Ski facilities include 12kms of Easy to Moderate trails. Trails are 5 metres wide, groomed, trackset and renovated by a Bombardier BR400 groomer for Classic and Skating techniques except for the new Brook Bend trail.

Ski Tuonela
Goose Cove St Anns Bay, 11km past the Gaelic College on the Cabot Trail
17km of trails with an upper and lower loop systems, as well as an ungroomed but lift-serviced Telemark hill.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park of Canada

(902) 285-2273
(902)285 -2549 (information line).
This National Park has 7 groomed trails in four different areas: Black Brook, Warren Lake, Broad Cove and Clyburn River Valley. Permit is required to ski on any groomed trail in the Park. Youths and Students ski free. Adult fees are $5.00 per day or $35.00 for the season. Weather can vary considerably at higher elevations. Trails are groomed five days a week, Wednesday to Sunday.

The first priority for grooming is the trails in the Black Brook Area. After those are done then Broad Cove and Clyburn Trail are groomed. National Park Trails are groomed for classic and skate skiing, except the Clyburn which is only groomed for classic skiing.

Black Brook
This .75km beginner level trail is Groomed, Tracked and Renovate. Scenic views of the Black Brook River canyon, with a warming hut and waxing hut, both with electricity and wood stoves, and pit privies at the main trail head at Black Brook.

Cove Look Out Trail
This 1.5 km intermediate level trail is Groomed, Tracked and Renovated. The same trailhead at Black Brook

Otter Run
This 3.0 km intermediate trail is Groomed, Tracked and Renovated, and has same trail head at Black Brook

Sunrise Trail
This intermeidate level 5.5 km trail is Groomed, Tracked and Renovated and has scenic views, and runs from Black Brook to Mary Ann Falls. It is part of a longer Trail connecting Black Brook to the Warren Lake Warden Station, passing by Mary Ann Falls and climbs to 500 feet above sea level and descends back, with several scenic views of the Atlantic coastline and interior wilderness plateau.

Mary Ann Falls
6.5 km intermediate trail that is Groomed, Tracked and Renovated and is part of a longer trail from Mary Ann Falls to the Warren Lake Warden Station. There is a warm up hut and pit privy near the falls.

Warren Lake Trail
This 3.0 km beginner level trail passes through a mixed forest of birch, maple, poplar and spruce to Warren Lake, the largest lake in the Park.

Broad Cove Campground
This is a 3 km beginner level trail

Gold Mine
This 8 km begginner level trail is only Groomed, Tracked to the inside gate and follows the Clyburn River through a hardwood valley of beech, maple and birch, with some white spruce, with views of the Golf Course - Highland Links. as well as Franey Mountain.

There are other Recreational Trails, which may also be used in winter time for cross-country skiing.

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