Halifax Transportation & Used Cars - Special Types of Automotive Extended Warranties

Luxury Coverage Auto Warranties - and adds coverage for popular luxury items: Emissions System, GPS/Navigation, DVD/Entertainment, Phone and Internet Access systems.

Bumper To Bumper Extended Auto Warranties (Also Called Exclusionary Auto Warranties) Nearly all parts on the car are covered, except the "exclusions list." These auto warranties are called "Exclusionary", they cover so many parts the contract only lists which parts are excluded. Better than named coverage, if it's not on the exclusion list, it's covered!

Intermediate Auto Warranties ("Named Component" Auto Warranties) Intermediate level car warranty is good if you have ABS, power, turbo, and need more coverage than basic auto warranties.

Big Ticket Item Coverage For used vehicles, this car warranty covers major items. These car warranties might not cover wear and tear, radiators, ABS brakes, Turbos, power, etc. Some failures might be wear and tear, not covered by a mechanical breakdown car warranty.

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