Halifax Vehicle Painting - High Tech Paint

If you're having your car repainted, take advantage of the new paint technologies. Traditional paints may use lacquer, which looks great but lacks durability, or enamel, which is more durable but has a slight orange tone. Now there are 2-part polyurethane paints are much more durable than either lacquer or enamel, but also give a glass-smooth shine that rivals the best hand-rubbed lacquer. Colors have also gotten deeper and richer, thanks to paint systems that combine a base color coat followed by an ultrahigh-gloss clear coat. Metallic colors have also become more dazzling with paint makers adding mica chips, which reflect light more brilliantly than standard metallic chips. Even if you decide to stick with your car's original color, ask your body shop about the newest paints.

Almost all of the new paint systems use toxic chemicals, so drive-way re-spraying should not be done with these newer paints.

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