Halifax Vehicle Suspension Maintenance - Replacing Shocks & Struts

Most vehicles don't have both shocks and struts, so check your Owner's Manual when the garage tells you that you need to replace both. Some have just struts and some vehicles have only shocks. Shocks are part of the overall suspension and a strut is a complete suspension assembly.

The shocks and/or struts in your car perform two functions, dampening spring oscillation and aiding with ride control. The springs in your car actually absorb road shocks. The shock absorber's function is to dampen the bouncing spring. Without shock absorbers to dampen the spring oscillations from road shock, the ride in your car would be as exciting as the rodeo, about as comfortable, and almost as dangerous.

The shock absorbers keep the car manageable during regular driving, while passing over the road's many little bumps, by keeping the tires on the road rather than bouncing in the air.

Watch for these symptoms:

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