Halifax Gaining Traction On Winter Driving

(NC)-The cold weather is quickly approaching and the question on many drivers' minds is whether or not to buy winter tires. The importance of winter tires continues to be stressed by winter driving experts, and the Quebec Government has even passed legislation making it mandatory for all cars to be outfitted with them. The tire team at Canadian Tire has some tips to help you get a grip on winter tire information.

Benefits of winter tires

Winter tires should be used once the temperature hits seven degrees celsius or lower, as this is when all-season tires begin to lose elasticity, resulting in reduced traction - winter tires retain their elasticity to grip at much lower temperatures. Other benefits include:

Tire do's and don'ts

With dozens of types available, buying tires can be confusing

  • Here are a few things to keep in mind:
    • Never use "all-season" tires year-round or drive on the same set regardless of the temperature.
    • Sport-utility vehicles and vehicles with four-wheel drive still need winter tires
    • Four-wheel drive only helps with acceleration and SUVs are much heavier than cars, making them more difficult to stop.
    • Always put on four winter tires to maintain stability and control - installing two winter tires on a car creates a handling imbalance where there is good traction on one end and poor traction on the other.
    • Look for the mountain snowflake icon
    • This indicates a winter tire designed to retain traction at low temperatures.

    To determine the ideal winter tires for your vehicle, stop in and see the winter tire experts at Canadian Tire.

    - News Canada

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