Halifax Teen Driving Tip

The leading cause of death among teens is car accidents. The teen driver is youthful, energetic, and assumes they are invincible. Yet, we still hear of a teen that got killed in a drag race, crashed into a tree or building drunk, or caught speeding though a school or playground zone.

Driving a car involves some basic physics. Travelling at 50 km per hour (13.9 m /sec) into a crash is the same as falling from a 4 storey building and hitting concrete. The same accident at highway speeds (100 km/hour) doubles the speed and quadruples the force of impact. The only thing saving you from crashing through a shattering windshield are your seatbelt and the airbag in front of you (and if you have a typical pre-2000 car, there's no airbag for the person in the passenger seat).

Here are some typical teen mistakes, not made by more experienced drivers:

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