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The metro transit system allows you to travel within the Greater Halifax area, and the surrounding areas of Dartmouth, Bedford, and Sackville. Metro transit operates buses and ferries for its riders. Metro Transit operates a full bus and ferry schedule.


Harbour Ferry You can transfer freely between buses and ferries, to make an optimal connection. The Halifax/Dartmouth ferry departs every 15 or 30 minutes from each side of the harbour on weekdays and half-hourly on Saturdays and holidays. Half-hourly Sunday service (Dartmouth service only) noon to 6pm, June to September. Another ferry runs between Woodside and Halifax, Mon. to Fri., peak hours only. Metro Info: 490-4000.

The Halifax ferry terminal is located at the foot of George Street. The Dartmouth ferry terminal is on Alderney Drive at the foot of Queen Street. Another ferry runs between Halifax and Woodside (south Dartmouth) Monday to Friday, peak hours only.

In 2002, the Halifax Harbour ferry service celebrated its 250th anniversary, and it is the oldest, continuous, salt-water passenger ferry service in North America.


Metro Transit Bus Buses and the ferry cost are the same and have different fares for adults/student and for seniors/children. Children under 5 ride free. There are monthly bus passes available. There are also 20-packs of tickets that may be used at any time. These passes are sold at most drug stores and on campus, where you can also obtain bus schedules and route maps. You must pay bus fares with exact change, since the drivers do not carry change. To qualify for students or seniors passes, you must have a student or seniors' ID (at nominal initial cost).

MetroPasses & transit bus tickets are accepted on the ferries. .MetroPasses are sold by the calendar month. .MetroPasses & transit bus tickets are accepted for the Access-A-Bus service (registered users only).

Conventional, Ferry, and Access-A-Bus

Fare Category Cash Fare 10 Tickets MetroPass Transfer
Adult $2.50 $20 $78 Free
Senior & Child $1.75 $14.50 $58 Free
Student $2.50 $20 $70 Free

MetroLink Fares

Fare Category Cash Fare MetroLink Pass With ticket, MetroPass, UPass or transfer
Adult $3.00 $94.50 + $0.50 
Senior & Child $2.25 n/a + $0.50 
Student $3.00 n/a + $0.50 

MetroX Fares

Fare Category Cash Fare MetroX Pass With ticket, MetroPass, UPass or transfer With MetroLink pass or transfer
Adult $3.50 $111 + $1 + $0.50
Senior & Child $2.75 n/a + $1 + $0.50
Student $3.50 n/a + $1 + $0.50

MetroLink services are $2.75 for Adults & Students, $2.00 for Seniors (or +$.50 with ticket MetroPass, UPass or transfer), and an Adult MetroLink Pass is $85 per month, and MetroX services are $3.25 for Adults & Students, $2.50 for Seniors (or +$1.00 with ticket MetroPass, UPass or transfer, +0.50 with a MetroLink pass or transfer) and an Adult MetroX Pass is $100 per month,


You will need a "transfer" if you need to use more than one bus to complete your trip, and are using cash or tickets as fare payment. People with passes don't need transfers at all. Be sure to request a transfer as you board the bus and pay your bus fare. Free transfers also work between bus and ferry. Transfers expire within the hour, and are good for only a one-way trip. They must be used on the first connecting bus or ferry at the stop you get off, and cannot be used for stopovers. Please keep it in good condition and show it to the operator if you have to board an additional bus/ferry to complete your one-way trip. Transfers are the passenger's responsibility. If you lose your transfer, another will not be issued and you will be required to pay full fare when you change transit vehicles.

FRED (Free Rides Everywhere Downtown)

FRED busese are free in the downtown Metro Transit and the Downtown Halifax Business Commission jointly sponsor FRED (free rides everywhere downtown, which is Downtown Halifax's free shuttle service during the summer months. The special bus is easily recognized by its canary yellow and baby blue water wave. It runs daily from June to September from 11 am to 6 pm. Since the service is free you cannot receive transit transfers from FRED. FRED MAP

Park and Ride

There are 12 Park & Ride sites around the Halifax Metropolitan area, where you can Park & Ride (generally) for FREE!


Parking Spaces

Cost per Month

Bus Service

Downsview Terminal(Downsview Mall)40Free80,82,83,84,85,87
Cobequid Terminal110Free66,80,82,84,85,87
Penhorn Terminal (Penhorn Mall)50Free12,58,59,61,62, 65,66
Woodside Ferry Terminal300$10*/$3060,65
**Dartmouth Ferry Terminal (Alderney Landing)110$30*54,58,59,60, 61,62,63
Bridge Terminal (Dartmouth Sportsplex)50$30* /$40 1,10,50,51,52, 53,55,58,59,60, 61,62,63,64,87
Mumford Terminal-Halifax Shopping Ctr. Annex50Free1,2,3,4,5,6,9,14, 15,18,20,52,58
South Centre Mall15Free14,20,32
Centennial Arena30Free17,34
Maybank Field30Free12,10,66
Village at Bayers Road.30Free2,3,4,12,17,80
Halifax Shopping Ctr. (Middle deck near Sobeys)200Free1,2,3,4,5,6,9, 18,58


FRED the bus is a unique partnership between the Downtown Halifax Business Commission and its sponsors, carrying over 60,000 passengers each summer. Halifax's favourite free shuttle will run over the summer (fram start of July until late October) each day from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm on a 40-minute loop that includes Lower Water Street, Barrington Street, Spring Garden Road and the Halifax Citadel. It starts at the Cruise Ship Pavilion/Pier 21, with buses leavingon the :30, :10 and :50

Detailed route: Starting from Pier 21; FRED runs along Lower Water Street to Ferry Boat Lane, then past Historic Properties to the Casino Nova Scotia. FRED then heads south bound on Barrington Street; turning right on Spring Garden Road to Brunswick Street and then up Sackville Street, and to the top of the Halifax Citadel. FRED then turns left on South Park Street past the Public Gardens and down Spring Garden Road to Barrington Street. FRED follows Barrington Street until Cornwallis Park and turns left passing the Superstore, VIA Rail Station and the Westin before proceeding back to Pier 21.

Community Buses

There are a number of special busses serving communities: Beaver Bank Service connects downtown and Beaver Bank Monday to Saturday, generally hourly. There is the Fall River Service which has one bus only during rush hour, with a fare of Cash Fare: Adult - $1.50 Senior / Student - $1.25 The Porter's Lake / Preston service to Dartmouth very 1.5 hours on weekdays has a cash fare of Adult - $2.50 Senior / Student - $1.25. Transfers are not issued on the special-fare Beaver Bank or Porter's Lake/Preston services for connecting to other Metro Transit routes, and also monthly MetroPasses are not accepted on this service, though passengers may use the regular transit bus tickets on the Community Service.

Customer Service & Information

Please call us with any questions you may have about when and where the buses and ferries go. We provide callers with route, schedule and trip planning information between 7:30 am and 10:00 pm, every day of the week. Call HRM Call Centre at 490-4000. We will gladly take your comments and suggestions too! All information in this schedule booklet is subject to change. Please call HRM Call Centre 490-4000 for updates. Special Services

Lost & Found

There is more to Metro Transit than meets the eye. A few of the other ways in which we assist people on the move are with Access-A-Bus for disabled persons, group charters, sight-seeing, community transit service and our Lost & Found office. For more information on how we can help, please call HRM Call Centre at 490-4000.

Access for Persons with Limited Mobility

Metro Transit has several Accessible Low Floor (ALF) buses on regularly scheduled bus service on routes 3Manors,7Robie/Gottingen and 54 Montebello. These buses feature no-step entry/exit with wheelchair ramps to curb level, providing easier access for limited mobility passengers. Each bus is equipped with flip-up seats for two common size wheelchairs or walkers. The ALF buses display the International Symbol for Accessibility symbol on all four sides of the bus, as do the bus stops serviced by ALF buses. For more information, please call HRM Call Centre at 490-6600.

Access-A-Bus is a Metro Transit shared ride, door-to-door, public transportation service for registered disabled persons. The service covers the same service area as Metro Transit Services's fixed route bus service. Metro Transit Services also utilizes certain local taxis for Access-A-Bus service when necessary, though this is NOT a taxi service.

Access-A-Bus operates within the communities of Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford and the suburban area of Sackville, Colby Village, Eastern Passage, Forest Hills, Herring Cove and the Bay Road service area (i.e., within 610 meters of a transit route in Halifax Regional Municipality).

Buses can carry eligible persons in wheelchairs, the mobility impaired and persons unable to utilize the existing conventional Metro Transit Services fixed route service due to cognitive or physical disabilities. If you require a wheelchair or scootr, cannot step up or down a 35 cm step, or unable to walk 15 meters unassisted, have vision poorer than 20/200 or are unable to communicate orally or through sign language. Some impairments require Access-A-Bus service for all trips, while others only cause transit difficulties in the wintertime, so the level of eligibility granted is based on your disabilities, and may be classified as permanent, temporary (3 month period only), seasonal, or conditional.

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